Banner on the Beach: a message to the March for England


NO FASCISM Never Again!

A group of local artists, human rights activists and anti-racist campaigners created a banner on the beach with stones sculpted into the words: NO Fascism: Never Again!

Amy Wilder, a local anti-fascist who works with Stop March for England (Stopmfe) said:

“We know that March for England, due back in Brighton on Sunday 21 April, is going to try to parade their prejudice in our city again but our landmarks should not be used by English Defence League or other racist or fascist groups as the backdrop for their hatred. This is our message written on the beach.”

Sarah Abbott, a local artist, explains why she helped create the Banner on the Beach:

“Brighton is known for its freedom and tolerance. What it stands for deserves defending. It’s a place where people live alongside one another without judging each other’s lifestyles or beliefs. Participating in public art projects like this, getting out into public spaces, having our say, has helped create our amazing community. We are an affront to all those far right racists who live off prejudice. I hope they get the message. The don’t belong here and they shouldn’t belong anywhere”


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