Brighton embraces but we draw the line at racists


As Brighton prepares for the return March for England on Sunday 21 April, local supporters of Stopmfe (Stop March for England) have been riding high on Brighton’s Eye with a message for these English fascists. “Brighton embraces but we draw the line at racists”. Stopmfe has borrowed this message from one of many home-made placards held up last year when March for England tried to parade through the city . Thousands lined the streets in celebration of community spirit against hatred and division.


Amy Wilder, a Stopmfe spokesperson, comments on the racism of March for England:


“Well, they don’t hide their Islamophobia because they think forms of religious hatred are acceptable whereas everyone knows that racism that discriminates on colour, on variations of skin tone, are not. So they try to not to speak about colour but they and their language are racist nevertheless. Islamophobia is a racism. It’s discrimination against a religious identity, against a people’s culture. It’s part of a fascist package of prejudice.”



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