ThomasPaine In front of Brighton’s ‘doughnut’ (which is in fact a depiction of the world), Stopmfe activist upholds the words of free thinker, eighteenth century revolutionary and local man, Thomas Paine.

“My country is the world, and my religion to do good.”

Thomas Paine’s humanitairism found its way onto one of the many home made placards placards held high when local people gathered together to turn back the right wing nationalist and racist March for England.

“March for Humanity, not for England.”

Lets do it again. See you at 11 am Sunday 21st April. Meet at Brighton Pier to line the route.




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  1. The claim that ‘my country is the world’ is expressly imperialistic and could be and has been a sentiment expressed by many fascists in the past. Read Afghanistan,Iraq and numerous imperial adventures around the world.

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