EDL Cancel Planned March in Brighton

In a victory for community-based anti-racism, the far-right English Defence League (EDL) have announced that they have ‘postponed’ (ie cancelled) their planned march in Brighton on April 18th. It is clear that the threat of a large, diverse counter demonstration from the residents of our city was too much for them, and they have chosen to attempt to march in other cities, that they believe they can bully more easily. This victory clearly shows that communities do not have to put up with these racists, and that they will back down if it looks like they will be given a hard time.

Screenshot showing the EDL's announcement on their facebook page.

Screenshot showing the EDL’s announcement on their facebook page.

However, StopMfE urges anti racists and anti fascists not to rest on their laurels. The situation could change and we are committed to opposing the EDL if they ever do raise their unwelcome heads in our communities! Watch this space for more info.