What’s Happening on June 4th?

By now, most of you will have heard that a previously unknown far-right group has called a demonstration in Brighton on June 4th.

South Coast Resistance, the group calling the demonstration, has stated that they oppose “Brighton & Hove council secretly housing hundreds of refugees while ignoring homeless on the streets”.

But who are this group, why are they really coming to Brighton, and what can we do about it?


Fascists being outnumbered on a previous trip to Brighton.

South Coast Resistance are a front for a more established far-right group, the “Pie and Mash Squad”, a small gang with link to the various “Infidels” groups across the UK. They have a dress code (all black with skull-faced balaclavas), and they frequent the edges of far-right demos, looking for targets of opportunity to attack. In 2015, a leading member, Jeff Marsh, was sent to prison for 18 months for his part in a cowardly group attack on a lone female antifascist at a trade union demonstration in central london. In 2014, several members were arrested for a racist attack on an asian antifascist in Portsmouth. The group still celebrates both of these events in sick “jokes” on their facebook page.

Unlike March for England (the organisation responsible for previous far-right marches in Brighton), P&M/SCR are openly fascist and neo-nazi. For example, they have advertised their Brighton demo with the phrase “Sea, Sun and Fascism” and they’ve also proudly posed with nazi symbols on their flags, such as the “Odal” rune pictured below, a symbol used by the BNP youth in Britian, and various neo-nazi organisations across Europe.


P&M/SCR have strong links to the March For England group, and most of them have attended previous marches in Brighton. They also have links to the South East Alliance, an EDL splinter group led by Paul Pitt and currently in the media after organising an openly neo-nazi riot in Dover in January. A few of those fascists (those that aren’t currently on remand) seem to be planning to come to Brighton.


Fascists Seig-Heiling in Dover, Jan 30th.

In the past, P&M/SCR have also supported and drawn support from the North West Infidels (NWI), an openly white supremacist group who have partially merged with National Action, a neo-nazi group infamous for holding banners saying “Hitler Was Right”.


The picture that emerges is of an openly white-supremacist street gang, dressed in skull balaclavas (something they call “Fash Bloc”), bent on violence against minorities and leftists.

This is a far cry from the image they’re trying to present as “concerned citizens” protesting against the housing of migrants whilst British people are on the streets. P&M/SCR have never showed any interest in helping the homeless. In fact, in Brighton, it’s the left that have consistently helped and campaigned around the issue of homelessness, organising squatted homeless shelters, marches and food distros. P&M/SCR are using the issue as a trojan horse, believing it’s a way to gain public support for their far-right anti-refugee politics.

It’s vital that these fascists are not allowed to come to our city and spread division and hate. We’re therefore calling for a counter-protest against these nazi thugs. Details will be announced closer to the time, check back here, on our facebook or twitter for meet-up place and time. Facebook event here.

We’re also holding a public planning and discussion meeting on Tuesday 31st May, 7pm at the Brighthelm Centre. If you want to find out more, ask any questions or get involved in plans for the day, come along! Facebook event here.



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