What’s Happening on June 4th?

By now, most of you will have heard that a previously unknown far-right group has called a demonstration in Brighton on June 4th.

South Coast Resistance, the group calling the demonstration, has stated that they oppose “Brighton & Hove council secretly housing hundreds of refugees while ignoring homeless on the streets”.

But who are this group, why are they really coming to Brighton, and what can we do about it?


Fascists being outnumbered on a previous trip to Brighton.

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EDL coming to Brighton, April 18th!

The far-right English Defence League have announced a national demonstration in Brighton on 18th April 2015. With no Islamophobic issue to hang their demo from, it is clear the EDL simply want to cause trouble for the residents of Brighton because we are a tolerant and diverse community that has successfully defeated the racist March for England.

EDL in Brighton on a March for England a few years ago.

EDL in Brighton on a March for England a few years ago.

StopMFE are disappointed that the EDL have decided to bring their drunken, racist caravan to Brighton. In previous years, Brightonions have risen to the occasion brilliantly in successfully seeing off the March for England with colourful mass demonstrations and blockades. We call on all the vibrant communities of Brighton to unite and stop the EDL’s message of hate.

Details are yet to be announced. Keep an eye here, or on our Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook event here.

No Pasaran!

The March for England have a crap time in Brighton, 2013.

The March for England have a crap time in Brighton, 2013.

EDL in Brighton Saturday 1st June

The English Defence League have announced they will be at the War Memorial on the Old Steine at 1pm, as part of a nationwide day of EDL presence at Centotaphs. They come to spread a message of hate. Just last month the people of Brighton came out en masse to reject them. Now the EDL are trying to use the murder of a young soldier to create more conflict.

Lee Rigby’s family have asked that no-one take advantage of his death, but that has made no difference to the EDL who can only see a political bandwagon and a chance to to spread racial discord.

We ask that people attend the war memorial this Saturday in a dignified and respectful manner at 12.30 to show that this tragedy will not divide us.


Meet near Brighton Pier to line the route of the March

We will be meeting near the entrance to Brighton Pier at 11am on Sunday the 21st April, to line the route of the March for England. We hope you will join us and the hundreds of others coming to show we reject their racism and hatred. The March itself is supposed to be starting at 12 from the Big Wheel on Madeira Drive, going west along the A259 seafront road a short distance and then going back again.

See you there!

Stop the March for England Spreading their Message of Hate

Stop the March for England encourage everyone to come out on the streets of Brighton on 21st April 2013 to show the March for England we reject their Islamophobic, racist, homophobic and far-right message.

Although the MfE claim to simply be patriots – what they mean by ‘English values’ swiftly degenerates into racism, specifically (although not limited to) anti-muslim statements. They conflate the activities of a tiny minority of pro-sharia law activists with the entire Muslim population. The word ‘muzzie’ , the modern day version of ‘paki’ is never far from the discussion on their forums or facebook profiles.

Last year’s event saw hundreds of people line the route of the march, with banners and whistles, drowning the message of hate. People also blocked the road, forcing the fascists on a shorter and less public route. See below for more about previous years.

Please watch this space, follow us on Twitter, or on facebook for more details. More definite plans will be publicised nearer the time, when their plans are confirmed. We need to be where they can hear us!

To find out more about who the March for England really are, have a look at the factfile. A3 Poster - Oppose MfE